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Are you interested in buying off-market prime properties in Punta del Este and the Uruguayan coast?
Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a first timer in the real estate business, having an on-site adviser with finely tuned market knowledge, well-oiled networking and proven negotiation skills acting on your side, is nothing but starting off on the right foot.

If you’ve already been doing some serious due diligence, you probably noticed that in Punta del Este’s most aspirational areas, there are no cut-and-dried prices. It’s rare to find a real estate agent who has properties for sale in exclusivity, and it’s not surprising to see that a property is being offered to several buyers at the same time, creating blind auctions where the only winner is the seller. We consistently see price records being set in Punta del Este’s off-market real estate transactions, and in most cases they are the result of emotional impulses, lack of insider information, bad negotiation skills, biased brokerage or the whole package.

When we take you as a client, we go to great lengths to get you value for money. We are well-informed, have a profound knowledge on Punta del Este’s real estate market and are experienced enough to sniff out any seller’s expectations. We develop price strategies based on the current technical value and market trends, and pitch offers at the right level, at the right moment, and on terms that will appeal to the seller. We have more than sixty off-market properties for sale in exclusivity and have on our books hundreds of properties throughout Punta del Este and beyond, to buy at the right price.

We offer a very personalized and private real estate service in Punta del Este, providing technical consulting, tax and legal advisory, property research, familiarization trips, and very discreet negotiations for a discerning, international clientele. To discuss in confidence how we can act for you, please call our Managing Director Enrique Argüello direct on +54 911 4052.0157. You are not really playing a winning Punta del Este’s off-market real estate game until you talk to us.

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